Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Impulse Shopping

I am very tired and strung out these days.
Luckily, my sister bought me a gift certificate for my birthday for Hawthorne Threads, yay!
So look what I bought today!

Robert Kaufman House Designer - Cozy Cotton Flannel - Typewriter Text in Grey

Patty Young - Just My Type - Type Keys in Gray
Patty Young - Just My Type - Letterpress in Gray
Yes, all grey. They called out to me in monochromatic unison.
They said "Add ME to your stash! Add ME!"
So I did.

That's the kind of gal I am. Always ready to rescue a lone piece of grey, texty fabric.

PS I found them here: type, keys and large type.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Wow. Just wow.

Ha ha, did I really mark June as a month in which I barely sewed?

Try July on for size, sister!

I live in a rather, ahem, warm part of the globe, and some days I feel like I'm breathing through molasses; not conducive to productivity, so much.

Also there's the small matter of my father who is not well on a whole nother continent, a situation lending itself both to stress, and to mind-numbing travel.

And did I mention the summer? Because it's here. And so are my kids. And yet my job continues jauntily; what is THAT about?

So. Deep breath.

A teeny, tiny amount of chaos may have inadvertently entered my life.

Nevertheless, I am trying so hard to pursue the whole sewing thing. Because it is lovely for my soul. Which should count for something, no?

I've made a couple of zippy bag gifts, and am working on my log cabins.

See this neutral one? Ain't she purdy?

Here I am playing with my blocks.


And at the end of the day, they are not making me happy. Or not happy enough. Not completely, fulfillingly thrilled. And it came to me - via lots of marvelous other quilters' blogs - my blocks need a frame. A nice solid, defining, containing frame.

So. I think red. A nice deep red. But deep red is my favourite colour. In fact, if you looked at my wardrobe you might think it was my only colour. (Not true. Sometimes I wear burgandy.)

So maybe I'm biased about the whole thing, but what do you think? What fabulous solid are these plaid-y cabins begging for? They will be on an off-white linen background. Just like this one. Only ironed.

All wise insight and experience welcomed here.
Or silly jokes. Whatever.

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