Thursday, 30 August 2012

Erika's Quilt of Love and Healing

On July 29, we got the overwhelming news that our quilt-group friend Erika had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

In the space of 24 hours, we had planned a lap quilt for her and today - a few days before chemo begins - we presented Erika with her quilt.

Every single aspect of this lap quilt was made with Erika in mind...

the lively colours...

the detailed hearts and flowers quilting...

she is going to be wrapped in our love and prayers.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Basket Doll

Back when I had a doll-making morning with the kids, I had a very strong vision of making a doll holding a basket; the basket would carry the owner's sorrows, and the doll would offer them a little comfort.

I found, in my boxes of crafty stuff, the exact kind of raffia I had been dreaming of, and the right upholstery needle.

 So I got to sewing the raffia basket, and couching it down.

 I gave her a beautiful plaid back, a little stuffing, and... she was born.

I wrapped her up gently, and sent her to a friend who needed a little support, with the understanding that she will in turn pass it on when she is feeling stronger. I hope this doll keeps on traveling, offering comfort and love wherever she goes.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Healing Stitches

I am part of an awesome quilt group - there are six of us, each of us squeezing out time for our stitching, and becoming fast friends. We sometimes have friends joining our meets; one of our quilt-group groupies is Erika, a vibrant young 36 year old - she totally has the quilting spirit, but no sewing machine... yet!

We were shocked when Erika was diagnosed with ovarian cancer this summer. We got straight to work on making a quilt for her, to carry with her when she started chemo. The only rules for the group: make 12 1/2" blocks using pinks and greens, for happy energy!

We got to work, sewing our love, prayers and hope into each stitch.

May this lap quilt be a reminder that she is surrounded by people who love her.

Monday, 6 August 2012

I ♥ Pot Holders

Not using them. Sewing them. Duh.
They are little mini-quilts, perfect for practising a new technique on, being more daring, more fun.

I have been doubly blessed in life: I have a Mum AND a Mom.
Mum is my Mum - hi Mum! - and Mom arrived in my life when I married her son.

Not only are my parents-in-law wonderful, kind, funny and smart, but Mom is also an artist. She has given me endless support and encouragement for my quilting over the years.

I made her a lap quilt (black with brightly coloured raw silk, as befits an artist) a few years ago, but it was time for a little mini-gift.

Pot-holder #1 - the yellow, and the pink zebra print - those are pure Mom!

I quilted back-to-front, loosely following the zebra print fabric... so fun! I love quilting little things! And with this piece, I like how the quilting united the different prints on the front.

Pot-holder #2 - this is kind of a study for me. I have a stack of fuchsia, wine and purple fabrics, waiting to be turned into something fabulous. So I tried them out here. Like it a lot.

When Mom got them, she liked them too - she calls them "Happy Holders"!