Monday, 6 August 2012

I ♥ Pot Holders

Not using them. Sewing them. Duh.
They are little mini-quilts, perfect for practising a new technique on, being more daring, more fun.

I have been doubly blessed in life: I have a Mum AND a Mom.
Mum is my Mum - hi Mum! - and Mom arrived in my life when I married her son.

Not only are my parents-in-law wonderful, kind, funny and smart, but Mom is also an artist. She has given me endless support and encouragement for my quilting over the years.

I made her a lap quilt (black with brightly coloured raw silk, as befits an artist) a few years ago, but it was time for a little mini-gift.

Pot-holder #1 - the yellow, and the pink zebra print - those are pure Mom!

I quilted back-to-front, loosely following the zebra print fabric... so fun! I love quilting little things! And with this piece, I like how the quilting united the different prints on the front.

Pot-holder #2 - this is kind of a study for me. I have a stack of fuchsia, wine and purple fabrics, waiting to be turned into something fabulous. So I tried them out here. Like it a lot.

When Mom got them, she liked them too - she calls them "Happy Holders"!

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