Monday, 16 July 2012


Because, let's face it, she deserves her own post...

I got to Liberty's at the end of a long day, tired but excited. My only fabric outing of the trip.
I wandered through the halls with my mouth wide open (it was a very attractive look).

Let me insert here, that while living in Israel can be fantastic, fabric shopping is, well... mostly absent (I'm being polite here. Very polite.) I do all my fabric shopping online. I so miss the pleasure of being in a fabric store, moving bolts around, making discoveries; the feeling of being in a candy shop, only better.

So Liberty's. Ah, Liberty's. All candy, all the time.

And as if my joy were not already complete, an angel appeared.

She saw me rooting around at the end-of-the-bolts counter, collecting the thin scraps that had tied bundles together. I showed her a handful - how much for these? She let me take them for free, and then pulled out their real scrap bags. Oh good lord.

She encouraged me to pick my way through this collection, and take scraps home with me. I now have a small purple Liberty's bag, filled with little fabric treasures, sitting by my sewing machine. It evokes for me this wonderful day, the kindness of strangers, and serendipity.

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Chez Roo said...

Lucky lucky! Good for you for thinking to take (such good) pictures inside the store - I was too in awe to pull out my camera! I love the little basket doll you made - she is so sweet. Thanks for visiting my blog - nice to meet you.