Wednesday, 12 December 2012

O Lemon Tree, O Lemon Tree!

(to be sung to the tune of O Tannenbaum :)

In the home I grew up in, in Europe, we had many fruit trees. It sounds grand, but mostly involved stepping gingerly, to avoid the soft, fallen fruit. The apple trees produced delicious baking apples, though, and we had enormous unkempt bramble bushes at the end of the garden, where blackberries grew. We'd be sent out to collect fruit in the afternoon, and there'd be apple-berry crumble for dessert that night. Served hot with fresh cream. Mmmm.

I live in Israel now, a country with almost no rainfall, unless you measure it in thimblefuls. There is no lush grass, no ducking your head against the elements as you brave the path from your front door to your car, no out-of-control, over-blown roses from too much rain.

We have lemons.

And with our second harvest, we eked out some blood oranges too.

Also, I did some sewing.
But I did have to share the bounty, first.

I couldn't stay away from the purples so I started piecing a zippy bag. But now I'm looking at the front-and-back of a bag (about 10" x 15") and I'm thinking, improv blocks! Let's make a top!

What do you think? Am I imagining it? Would this be better as a bag?

And then, there's this attempt at brown.
Now, I don't use brown much, as a rule. But it's worthy of some loving, doncha think?
I pieced this little thing, and it is just sitting there as forlorn as could be.
And while in my head I'm thinking "Espresso! Café au lait! Cream!", my heart is saying "bleugh".

I have decided to jazz up this Charlie Brown of a thing and make it... well, make it a singing Charlie Brown. Watch this space. And while you're watching, let me know your surface design ideas on face-lifts for fabric. Mine involve a hera marker and careful measurements, a walking foot and some coloured thread. Surely you can think of something funner. Right?

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Marla said...

What will you do with all those lemons? Once you quilt the brown fabric it will look sophisticated and fab.

Erin Quinn said...

The brown is totally gorgeous. if you want to add a pop, I'd add a 1/4 inch piece of a rich burgandy (or something chocolatey) right across the middle - slice right through.
Or make coordinating blocks (same colours as you're using now) but make each one different. Stay linear, squares and rectangles, maybe some with angles...
It's going to look lovely and grown up and sophisticated.

Karen M said...

I think the purple piece would look good as a bag. And for fabric embellishment, I like to do lots of free-hand quilting in variegated threads- no careful marking!

Pomegranate Quilts said...

Marla, we do everything with our lemons! First, we juice 'em and freeze the juice. Then we make lemon chicken: lemon slices under a roast chicken along the onions and garlic. And lemon cake with lemon syrup. And lemon cookies. Lemon curd (swoon!) Salad dressings. It really is All Good.

Sara said...

Your enthusiasm is great and I can't wait to see what you do with the "Charlie Brown" block:)

Live a Colorful Life said...

I think the purple would make a great bag--especially love the little piece of musical fabric. And yes, to Erin's idea of just a touch of burgundy--like a sweet piece of cherry chocolate...

Roz Warren said...

I love that little bit of music.