Saturday, 23 February 2013

A Totally Selfless Fabric Purchase

So, yeah, I bought some fabric, but it was for a HIGHER CAUSE. So it's not like regular fabric shopping At All.

We have lovely neighbours, and a huge window by our dining room table that affords them no privacy whatsoever. You might think it affords us no privacy whatsoever, too. But my neighbours are fine upstanding human beings who would never peer into somebody's living room, whereas their garden and pathway to the front door are just part of our view. We view it, unintentionally, all day long.

Because I am really stupid, it took till about last week to have the light-bulb moment that would have been a duh moment for the rest of the universe: we really should hang up some curtains.

Hence the Good Neighbour Fabric Purchase.


When I went shopping last night, I discovered a sale on that made my heart sing.

I got 5 yards of this Ty Pennington home decor fabric (54" wide!) for $28, with free shipping to Mom and Dad in the US.

Ty Pennington Home Decor Impressions Asian Floral Taupe

Oh, la-de-da :)

I chose the fabric because it was a) attractive and b) neutral. It's not really what I wanted, which was something large and bold, but I didn't have the time to think about what KIND of large and bold I was thinking of. For me and my types - indecisive perfectionists - that decision could become something truly epic. We haven't put so much effort into interior design round these parts (ha ha ha ha! enjoy the understatement!) so I went neutral.

Don't watch this space. You know the speed I move at. But still. Had to share the moment.


RozWarren said...

Lovely. You ought to compile a list of "Top Ten Good Reasons To Purchase New Fabric" list. Sure wish your wonderful family were still my neighbors!

galileegirl said...

That fabric will make beautiful curtains.