Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Building a Home

Here comes a story of a little house, about 12" tall, that has - so far - taken several hours of eye-straining work. I can't say how many because I lost track. And  it's not even finished yet. But check out the details.

This will be a gift for a very special friend. The last time I saw her, we met for coffee right after my phenomenal afternoon in Liberty's, so I was on a bit of a fabric high, and also totally thrilled to see my friend.

So my very first piece was the cafe table. The construction was a bit convoluted, on account of me making it up as I went along, but it definitely began with a small oval of card, with white cotton fused to each side, which would help form the shape of the table.

The fabric for the tablecloth - Liberty's! - was cunningly cut on the bias to hang beautifully, which worked not at all. I eventually forced it into place by sheer will and determination. This whole cardboard-lined piece was sewn by machine to the backing fabric following the lines of the table top, and then I hand overcast the edge of the slippery fabric to slow fraying.

Do not try this at home. Really.

I created the flowers for the sunny-side window using lime green fabric with the thready bits from the selvedge showing, and some hand-cut red flowers.

The moon-side window has a Liberty's curtain (swoon!), and beneath the curtain, a window ledge of books.

I am waiting for the house to tell me what it needs next. Friendly suggestions are very much welcomed!

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audrey said...

Love your sweet little books and the red door! Looking great!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

oh so adorable! like a fabric dolls house :)

Stephanie said...

This is so adorable! All that detail is hard work but will be SO appreciated :)

Sara said...

The curtain with the books under it is priceless. I can see the table cloth being tricky but you faced it head on!

Thank you for leaving me your vote for my Black Hole Star block;)

Susan Owenby said...

Wow! That is so cute, I love it! It's worth the time for sure. :)

Marla said...

That window box is darling. I love the time you have put into each area. So neat. It is like a book.

Live a Colorful Life said...

This is just fabulous! Lucky friend...