Monday, 9 September 2013

Mini Project Monday! (Planning Stages Only.)

My sister commissioned a (nother) challah cover.

She chose the fabrics.
I got the Kona Indigo. (Yes, it is completely awesomely phenomenal. Big Love.)

But, ahem, those are not blueberries in the top right corner, they are grapes. Purple version below.

She and I got to talking about negative space and she kind of leapt out of her chair in excitement.
Which I kind of appreciated.

Then I got to work in Visio (which isn't work, it's fun,) and created these sketches.
They don't reflect the true colours of the fabrics, but hopefully they will give my sister a few ideas of what a mini quilt challah cover can be.

She might ask for a rematch using a rectangle outline, not square

She might dither over the inclusion of white.

She might decide to revert to burgandy velvet with a gold fringe trim. (If she does, I ain't makin' it.)

But I'm liking it. I might have to make a couple of extras. For challah emergencies.


Marla said...

Most of my challah emergencies involve lack of challah. L'shana Tova!

zeesel nechama said...

We looooove your challah cover and use it weekly! Miss you a d hope your beautiful projects for friends and family bring you much comfort. By the way, did I tell you my sister is pregnant with twins and moving to edge hill??