Monday, 4 March 2013

Bear's Paw

You may not know this about me - for example, if you've never read any of my posts - but I am a slooooow quilter.

I believe in waiting, if necessary, years for the right fabric to show up. I hate pinning so much that the finished top, the pieced back and the batting can all hang out and become firm friends before I make an honest sandwich out of them. You get the picture?

So. About 2 weeks ago I decided to make a lap quilt. It took me about 2 days to go from this design, which I have had my eye on since I saw it in a magazine... over 10 years ago...

to this beauty (teeny tiny visual courtesy of QuiltDude; thanks, dude!)

and come up with this:

And please. A moment of awed silence in honour of Microsoft Visio.
Thank you, folks.
About one moment after I planned the quilt, I got online and bought myself some smooth brown minky, because THAT, my friends, is the only kind of quilt back you can throw on a bear's paw lap quilt. No-one debates this. 
Then I scoured some fabric-obsessed friends' homes for brown fabric, brought home a bunch and then changed my mind; I took myself shopping. I bought the brown and red marble, and pulled the Kona Snow from the stash, and I got to washing it all.
 And then I cut it up.

And now I am in the heavenly throws of turning strips of fabric into 48 perfect little half square triangles. I haven't made these in so long I forgot how much I love them. Which is a lot. Soon, I plan to rave incoherently about the joys of perfect HST's, and hope to have some actual paws to share.
Because, did I mention? This baby needs to be finished and ready to gift in 3 weeks or less.
What the hey?! Let's get sewin'!
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Deborah said...

So nice to see you! I love bear paw blocks. This will be a great quilt.

RozWarren said...

I always find reading about your quilts very relaxing.

Live a Colorful Life said...

You just make me laugh! I have completed quilt tops. I detest the whole sandwiching process so unless they go out of my house to someone else for quilting, they languish on a shelf, just hoping to become a completed quilt.