Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Little half square triangles? I love 'em, it's true.

But what I am love-love-loving about this top is the pattern. And how it comes together exactly like a puzzle. I haven't made a top like this, either in forever, or actually EVER. I tend towards swathes of half-square-triangles, or meticulously arranged 9-patches. I lay out symmetrical blocks on a spare bed and arrange and re-arrange them, until I achieve some level of peace in my heart, and then I sew them all together.

For this simple lap quilt, it wasn't enough to write out cutting instructions. I made a plan. Maybe it's new to me because every aspect of the bear's paw block contains crucial directional design? In any event, I loved creating the pattern, the design, the math, and now, the sewing.

After a few frantic days of sewing, pressing and trimming, into the late night hours, and more often, early in the morning before the sun had risen (we insomniacs have some advantages), I have pieced most of the top.

Here she is, around 45" square, lacking a border, but complete in her paw-i-ness. (Yes, it's a word. Or it is now.) Not a feat of fine construction, nor a feast for tired eyes, but handsome and clean and pleasing. I am pleased.

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audrey said...

Looking good! I really like the bear paw block. Haven't done one in forever though.:)

galileegirl said...


Erin Quinn said...

Definitely a feast for the soul. It's all about that feeling right now, of contentment with your perfect product. The pawiness of it.
And fabulous for only a few days too!! You must have had your sew-jo set to super.
E xx

Cheryl in Friendsville said...

I really like the bear paw design. Great job!

Live a Colorful Life said...

This is just beautiful! Do you think Words with Friends would accept "paw-i-ness"?

Catherine said...

You should be pleased - it looks lovely!

Janine said...

You're quite right to be pleased! It looks great :)

RozWarren said...

Paw-i-ness is absolutely a word, and I plan to use it the next time I play scrabble. (If challenged, I'll just show the doubters your blog.)