Sunday, 1 December 2013

Teaching the Next Generation

Okay, so first of all. I kinda missed November. Like, completely. I'm so sorry.

I mean, really sorry. Because I'd much rather have been sewing than arranging my son's surgery, and holding his hand through it.
Good news! The surgery is behind us, and he is doing great!
So that little no-sew excuse is over. Phew.

While we were juggling that whole hospitalisation thing, my Mum came to visit.

And, after leafing through a variety of quilting magazines I've accrued over more than a decade she decided to learn to quilt. And that I would teach her. In 1 day.

(To the soundtrack of "Rocky"...)

We used scraps to learn to cut, lay out, chain piece, and iron. We were awesome.

She then did it all again with non-scraps, and turned it all into a quilted place-mat with hand-stitched binding (hand stitching was finished after she flew home) - check out the mitred corners, next-to-the-ditch machine quilting and neatly meeting corners.


With much pomp and circumstance, I give you, my Mum, New Quilter Extraordinaire!


Susan Owenby said...

Nice Job Mom!! :)

Design Originals by KC said...

So glad I saved this post until I could really read it! Wonderful job by you and your mom especially for completing something so cool and finishing it too! Awesome job ladies! Kathi

Unknown said...

Is there anything your mum can't do???

Unknown said...

Is there anything your mum can't do???