Saturday, 15 September 2012

Be. Still. My. Heart.

This fabric caught my eye at first because it's from a line called "Center City".
I have parents in Center City, Philadelphia, so I'm already sold!

And then I saw this.

It has so much potential! It has lime! It has grey! It has aqua! It almost has orange!
Frame it in charcoal and it's done!
For something special, I might do some improv piecing in matching solids - OMG! I'm so excited!

Embarrassing point I feel obligated to make: the last two fabrics I went this crazy over were some Daiwabo tiny grey elephants, purchased in 2011, and Laura Gunn's painterly trees, bought in 2009. And they are still in my stash, awaiting their turn. This is ridiculous.

Note to self: must sew more.

PS. For those about to ask, it's called "Miami in Midtown" and I found it at, where it was in that magical state of being in stock and not yet sold out. Call it destiny.

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audrey said...

I LOVE this fabric collection. I saw it the other day--maybe on Pink Castle?--and freaked out. Then lamented that there is no room in my fabric budget for it. So sad. Especially because it's oh-so amazing!