Saturday, 8 September 2012

Here's One I Made Earlier

In my stash I had a couple of dusty rose pink prints - not my usual fare, not sure what I was thinking that day - and then, one of my lovely friends in the US sent me some fabric just for fun (now that's what we call a friend,) which included some gorgeous cream and beige prints. After many many months, I finally realised that all those muted tones looked perfect together. I decided to make a shabby chic quilt.

Here's what I discovered: shabby doesn't mean chic. Unplanned doesn't make it cozy.
It was just a disappointing muddy mess.

I spent an embarrassing number of hours shifting the blocks...

...and shifting the blocks...

  ... until I found something pleasing.

Then there was the inevitable un-stitching and re-stitching, the tense assessment of yardage left (not much) and the determination to Make Do.

And I finished the top! (Hurray!) I even sandwiched and quilted her! (Hurray! Hurray!)

However,  this was way back in May 2011. (Hurroo.)

Today's the day. It is binding day. Watch this space.

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Erika Beth said...

so cool how when you change the blocks around you get a completely different look... and you made it absolutely beautiful!