Saturday, 22 September 2012

It's All About Process (Right?)

I started working with my Summersville. It is gorgeous fabric, and fun to work with.

First I cut out the centre of what might one day be a medallion quilt.

Then I made a bunch of HST's to circle it.
THEN I realised the centre needed a frame.

I fussy-bordered the centre, so I would get complete alphabets. (Hello? Anyone else loving these alphabets?)

My HST's were now all the wrong size. Whoops.
But guess what I did? I IMPROVISED!
Check out the black paint-brush fabric... I just ADDED it. To let the triangles fit. It's like, Wow.

I love it.

And I followed it up by making some adorable little houses to go around the outside.

And they aren't working At All.

I apparently cut the pieces using fictitious measurements and I am having to waste trim a lot; and when I finished the first house, I discovered a remarkable lack of seam allowance. Ack.

I keep telling myself: it's evolving. It's a work in progress. Let it breathe.
So it's breathing.

I'll get back to you when the next step announces itself to me.
(Announcements in the form of suggestions are very welcome here :)

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Shocking Hocking said...

great idea with the summersville - and fabulous save!

P. said...

Yay, for improvisation saving the day! I think it looks cool that way.

Marsha Cooper said...

Way to improvise!