Friday, 9 November 2012

How To Mail A Bag Of Rice

I bet you've spent many a night pondering this very question.
"Hmm," you've thought, "what if my sister on another continent were in dire need of some rice? How would I send it to her?"

Well, friends, I am here to put you out of your misery: the secret is to send an empty bag. And let them fill it with rice.

I know. It's like I totally deserve the Nobel Prize for Pure Genius.

See, I have this sister who lives in a land far, far away. I miss her. (Though the land she lives in is Melbourne, so I miss her and am utterly jealous of her proximity to so much quiltyness.)

I wanted to send my sister something light, but good.
Rice bags! Are so handy! And can be so pretty!

 Thank you, "Sew, Mama, Sew!" for your awesome tutorial!

And by the way, are you loving how the polka-dotty bag matches my banner?! (I am.)

Snuck inside of each bag is a little cloth bag-gette, that will one day hold the rice. See the neat pencil stitching lines? I've got some directions all written out, and I enclosed a sweet little needle-book to hold the hardware.

Here's a link to some instructions for your non-sewist giftee - you can just direct them here when you send them their beautiful / funky / cool / football-team-covered rice bag.

Where are you sending your rice bags? These babies just traveled 7,600 miles! How many miles could our rice bags clock up together?!

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Rebecca@LetsBeOriginal said...

Those are so cute! I hope your sister enjoys them.

Kat said...

Add me to the list of people who would not have thought to send this without the rice.... Genius!! I love this post (you made me laugh) and the one with the "how to fill the rice bag." I needed a chuckle today and your writing style (not your instructions or finished products!) gave me one :-).

Have a great weekend!

Live a Colorful Life said...

These ARE very cute. And yes, extra points for having them match your blog header!