Sunday, 4 November 2012

On Pins and Needles (plus: a Non-Tutorial)

So. You know how you get a pin-cushion and you use it for pretty much everything?

And then, you discover all these sharp things sticking out the bottom... but they have no top?
And you learn why they are called PIN-cushions?

Well, a little while back I went digging for gold: I squeezed my pin-cushion again and again to extract all the lost needles, and discovered - you will not believe this - over 30 (THIRTY!) needles hiding inside! Thirty. No kidding.

It was time for a Needle Revolution.
I ♥ my needlebook!
And so did my quilty friends. So I made some more...
And just this week, I made one for someone far, far away, and decided to share the genius behind the needle-book.

I know. Your hearts are all a pitter-patter.

But let's just say this. This isn't a tutorial. These are pattern directions. For 5 rectangles. Ready?

1. Take 2 pieces of fabric (for the front and the lining) AND 1 piece of batting and cut them to the same size. One or both of these can be pieced, up-cycled, or anything else you fancy.
 2. Stack them precisely on top of each other to make a "sandwich":  first the batting, then the book "cover" (face up), finally the book "lining" (face down). Stitch around 3 1/2 of the sides, leaving an opening to turn them right-side-out.
 3. Trim corners (cut off little triangles without cutting through stitching), and turn package right-side-out. Finger-press the seam allowances neatly inside the cover, press the edges around the whole cover, then stitch the opening closed by hand.

4. Fold in half and admire your nearly finished needle-book. (I know. That was tricky.)
 5. For the next step you will need 2 pieces of batting, each one slightly smaller than the book. You can measure if you really want to. Or just eyeball it. Pin the batting to the inside of your book, and score a line where the stitching will go. If you don't have a hera marker, try any not-too-sharp object - maybe the outside edge of a closed pair of scissors.
 6. Take your embroidery thread, and tie a knot at the end. Enter the needle along the outside spine of the book, and pull the needle through to the inside, until the knot pops through the top layer of fabric.

7. Sew down the spine using a large straight stitch, finishing inside the book, between the cover and the pages.
8. Make a knot.
9. Bury the thread by sewing it right next to the knot, under the lining fabric and taking one huge stitch up the inside of the spine...
... and trimming the thread.
10. Rejoice.
For thine needle-book is done.
And ready to serve you.

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Live a Colorful Life said...

Thanks for linking to really random last week. Because now I'm reading through your archives. And adding you to my blog roll because (a) I love your writing and (b) and I love what you make and (c) I love your writing.