Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Book Tuesday!

Welcome to my first ever Book Tuesday! I am somewhat addicted to books, possibly as addicted to books as to fabric (don't tell my fabric, it could start a civil war.) So, starting today, Tuesdays will be my day to discuss books.

I bought this book because I liked the theme: two teenagers with cancer fall in love. I cannot pass up a good book about suffering and redemption (redemption being the key here, I hope you know that about me.) (You knew that, right?), and I LOVE good young adult fiction. And someone put them together into this neat little package for me; thank you, John Green!

Good young adult fiction is fantastic because:
1. the author has to be a great writer, otherwise said teenager will (rightly) give up on the book in about 30 seconds or less;

2. the themes tend to run along interesting, big picture issues, because that's what teenagers love to think about and discuss ad nauseam, if I remember correctly; and

3. I am a tired mother of several who also has a job outside of the home, and I appreciate a book that is a quick read. Generally speaking, no matter how complex a linguistic tone the young adult fiction writer sets, I won't have to squint to concentrate. Right?

Mr Green is a great writer, and his characters are believable and lovable and smart. Did I say smart? Green's 17 year olds have a more extensive vocabulary than, well... than anyone I know. And to be honest, I know quite a few people, and many of them went to Ivy League colleges. But for some reason, I found that our characters' super-stylised, uber-genius patterns of speech were delightful and not annoying. These teens are smart and funny; who doesn't want to read that? On account of having dealt with their own cancer for at least a year, they are also cool with the whole suffering and death thing, an interesting turnaround on the usual teen angst.

There is a plot line that runs along the lines of boy-meets-girl, but way, way better. It's not really "two teenagers with cancer fall in love," it's more, "two brilliant, sassy, funny, insightful, wise teenagers with cancer fall in love and teach us all how to live in an imperfect world with a great attitude." There are moments of pure beauty, and great disappointments, glimpses into suffering both through illness and out of it, and lots of eyerolling, too. (Theirs, not mine.)

On a scale of 1 - 5 yards*, I give this book a 5 YARD RATING.

Which means: compulsory viewing. Find it at your local bookstore, library or friend's bookcase. Beg, borrow or steal it. Whatever it takes. And tell me what you thought, especially if you disagree with me. I love me a good book debate.

*Of course yards. I'm a quilter. How else would I measure anything?


Live a Colorful Life said...

Interestingly I think I already have this on my kindle wish list. Will download it today. I'm very much looking forward to this series.

*I LOVE it that you are rating your books in yards.

Quilting Nonnie said...

This is so great! I love reading with equal passion as quilting, and it's less expensive! I'm glad you're going to have a weekly sharing.

I also read lots of young adult fiction, and for the same reason as you do.

I went and bought the book you mentioned for my Kindle as soon as I read your review.

Quilting Nonnie said...
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Quilting Nonnie said...

Wow...how did I get my comment on twice? The least I could do is not be redundant!

Roz Warren said...

I can second your recommendation. I LOVED this book. Wept through the entire thing. I'm glad you're blogging about books. I know more about them than I do about quilts. Speaking of which we still REALLY miss you and your family at the library.