Saturday, 27 April 2013

Log Cabins; and, Am I Crazy?

But not in that order.

Firstly, let's explore the craziness.
What was the most insane sewing project you undertook? I mean, most-hours-invested-on-most-fruitless-project?

Here's mine.

In over a decade of sewing, I have not spent so much time on a project more likely to be lost, broken or forgotten. Because this was made for a 12 year old who is apt, well, let's just say, who is apt to lose, break and forget things. In fact, for your average 12 year old - or at least, for mine - if it is no longer actually in front of one's eyes at this very minute, it doesn't necessarily exist.

However. He very much loved this project, and bugged me to very much stop in the middle so he could very much have and hold it right this very second, until death (or simple forgetfulness) do them part. Naturally I ignored him. I finished the beading,

and then made the boy a pencil case he can be proud of. Until he forgets it exists.

Now, a log cabin update, for those dedicated readers who are waiting with bated breath...

I included the rulers in case you thought the wonkiness was due to odd camera angles. Not so. They are due to odd sewing angles.
And in honour of the whole process thing, some honest deconstructive happenings:

Also, some process-y thoughts: now that I have had a 24 hour break since I took these photos, I see them more clearly. 
They are dull as rocks. (Oops - did I say that out loud?) 
I LOVE them dearly, of course. They are my babies, after all. But I definitely need to inject some light into them. That single orange strip made the block glow a little. I have to find some more ways to achieve that.
I would like to pick your considerable brains: I plan on a great deal of negative space, and think a "natural" background would be best - I'm thinking something linenny? (Yes, it is a word. So there.) 
Wise readers, pray tell, what would make an awesome background to these blocks? What fabric have you used that had a textured look (like muslin or linen), felt soft and delicious, and was easy to sew and quilt through? Does such a thing even exist? Thank you in advance for your words of genius. I appreciate them muchly.


Live a Colorful Life said...

Because, like linenny, muchly is also a word, right? Thinking...

That beading is completely amazing!

audrey said...

Your beading is incredible! Super gift.:) Loved reading this post--too funny. Your log cabin work looks great to me, but you're right, the orange provides a nice little pop! Good luck on finding the perfect background fabric.

Pomegranate Quilts said...

Cindy, that is too funny! I grew up hearing "Thank you muchly" in the UK - totally a word, on our side of the pond!

Renee said...

Oh I definitely vote for one of those new linens that have like two colors in them. Sorry I don't know more than that! Some day I will get my hands on some.