Thursday, 18 April 2013

Improv! Plaid! Log Cabins!

A project I've been thinking about for a while has finally reached a Washed-And-Ironed status. A Ready-to-Roll moment. A Be-Still-My-Heart pile.

Of course I now have to introduce my friends the fabrics to each and every one of you...

First, we have..... the PLAIDS! (And the crowd went wild!)

I hand-picked these (hand-clicked? online shopping poses some linguistic issues here) for this very project. This quilt is for a special and plaid-y kinda guy. I'm not sure about the lowest one, it's a bit brown. But keeping my mind open.

Neeeext... the STASHLETS!

Some flannel from another project (Woolies, the best and thickest and yummiest flannel ever,) and this gorgeous blue cotton whose beauty defies being captured on camera, with fine, barely-there, fractured lines, mmmm.

Finally, the one, the only.... the UPCYCLEDS!

Yup, these were each once part of a garment... dark and light jeans (to go with the plaid, duh,) some soft, light linen from a shirt, and some wine-colour velvet, unexpectedly flowy.

And here they are, visiting with each other, becoming a family.

I am in love. Big love.
Gonna make me some bad log cabins. Watch this space.


Marla said...

Who? Will. Reign. Supreme?!

Emily said...

I love recycling. Will check back to see your progress.

audrey said...

Looks fun! Curious to see where you go with this!

Janine said...

This looks a wonderful collection and clearly destined for something very special :)

Live a Colorful Life said...

*sigh* You are seriously one of my favorite writers.

Quilting Nonnie said...

Omigosh! I love, love, love plaid!!! I wear plaid, hoard plaid, decorate plaid. I will love to see how your quilt goes. Going to add your blog to my feed reader. Thank you! I can't wait!

Sara said...

Wonderful plaids,excited to see what you create:)

Sarah Craig said...

Oooh, Elisheva, what a fabulously yummy stack of fabrics! Can't wait to see what you make with it!

Whoop whoop!!